@polynomdivision thanks for the blog post!! I run a ryzen and an amd gpu. I'm interested in passthrowing the gpu to a windows virtual machine but i'm not sure if it will be super hard. Should I go with vfio? Manual tinkering is not a issue for me

@nonoriri I personally only know how to do hardware passthrough using VFIO. I don't even know if there are alternatives. Maybe there are but I know none.
I also never had any issues with VFIO.
Perhaps this PDF from RedHat helps you: linux-kvm.org/images/b/b4/2012
In my personal opinion, hardware passthrough is a bit work at first, especially if you've never done it. But with excellent Docs, like the ArchLinux Wiki, it's very doable! It's always worth a try 😄

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