It's there a Firefox extension to stop cookie notices, email sign-up popups, etc..

I just went to a website that needed three clicks to get rid all the rubbish ok that popped up before I could read an article.

It's not as bad as the dreaded and traumatising reCAPTCHA though!

@politicalcustard ublock origin can probably block some of that, but for cookie notices specifically there's this, for example:

Thanks very much. I'm already using uBlock Origin/Matrix. I'll certainly check out the cookie add-on.

@politicalcustard You can report pop-ups to Mozilla with this In-Page Pop-up Reporter. And BehindTheOverlayRevival is pretty good at killing them without looking, though no automatic mode unfortunately.

@politicalcustard I use uMatrix and uBlockOrigin for that kind of stuff. Having them both may be overkill though. 😅 #firefox

@politicalcustard I think the add-on you are looking for is "I don't care about cookies"?

Nice! Thanks. Because I use Firefox with a VPN, with a load of privacy extensions, I have to do loads of CAPTACHAs to get into websites. It's infuriating.

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