If you like Firefox Containers then you might want to check out this fork. It's very nice.

"Fork of Multi-Account Containers that adds transition rules, which let you choose the container to open a page based on the opening container. It also adds other improvements to reduce papercuts and unwanted prompts."

@politicalcustard oh very nice. I’ve taken to opening google photos etc in its own containers. I’ll look at this.

@rtwx Yep, I love that if you pull up a site that has an associated container that it will automatically put it in a designated container. No need to open a container and then open a site within it. Happy days!

@politicalcustard yeah honestly that’s how I expected it to work anyway 😆

@rtwx Yes, sorry, I was thinking that I was pointing out the bleedin' obvious when I was writing that! Sorry! :D

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