@politicalcustard Best of luck! I tried it once but gave up when I needed reliable navigation. Love your choice of apps.

@fireglow I am dreading going to somewhere I don't know with OSMAnd~ I'll definitely miss Maps telling me when the next bus/trains/tube is!

@politicalcustard there's also Maps on F-Droid, maybe worth checking out. It's got OpenStreetMap data.

@fireglow Is that the OsmAnd+? I've got that installed. I just realised that it has London transport times (ETAs) on it. Hurrah!

Welcome to the club! Feel free to ask for tips and tricks :)

@politicalcustard it's so much faster without gapps, I don't look back

@lucy My Xperia Z5 feels like new! Glad I took the plunge.

@politicalcustard and once you have it done one time, it gets easier the more devices you flashed.

@lucy Lineage's guide for my phone was really good, it only took about an hour. The quickest flash I've ever managed! Usually they've taken hours, if not days!

@julian I was interested to see what Lineage was like without any extras. Maybe that's project for another day! I did read about microg though.

@politicalcustard I'm planning to try Lineage with MicroG today. My phone committed seppuku a while back (just rebooted into a soft brick... Lineage has never been great on my device) and at this point, it's worth learning how to do this, and making a clean break.

@politicalcustard Congrats! I've been doing this for a few weeks or so as well, pretty happy so far.

@uwehermann I'm using Lineage with Nextcloud, I've found it to be a really nice combination. I love your Youtube videos, I've just watched a couple of them, they are very hypnotising, both visually and to listen too.

@politicalcustard Awesome, glad you liked them! They're also up on the share.tube instance btw., nicely federated, subscriptions via @uwehermann possible and also comments possible from within e.g. , which is really neat.


@ram On an Xperia Z5. I'd been putting of doing it as I'd heard that the camera wasn't working very welcome, but it's all working perfectly. I'm really happy and wish I'd switched sooner! I'm in love!

Nice! What app store are you using? F-Droid?
Ive thought about buying a phone just for Lineage, but im not sure which recent ones run it well. My Nokia 6.1 is totally locked down, from what i can tell :/

@ram Yes, F-droid and I got a few things from Yalp; I love Soundcloud too much to give it up.I had to grab a couple of apks too (but not from dodgy looking apk sites!) - Signal and Keepass2Android.

Why the crap doesn't OWS free Signal of the app store? What's the point of making a free Software app that is chained to Google Play? I wish there was a freer build of it

@politicalcustard sweet. Are battery drainage and delivery delays solved for Signal w/o G-Services?

@dosch I've not noticed any delivery delays with Signal and I've been having a few quick back and forth conversations. Battery has been fine too. Come join the party!

@politicalcustard have been on Lineage for some years, but needed MicroG and playstore for some local gov apps...

@dosch I realised that there were actually battery draining issues but I managed to solve them by using an efficiency profile in the battery and performance settings. It's not made a noticeable difference to the speed of the phone.

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