Books I've recently read:

One Soldier's War, Arkady Babchenko, 2008
Gaza, Norman Finkelstein, 2018
The Golden Notebook, Doris Lessing, 1962
At Swim, Two Boys, Jamie I'Neil, 2001
Fear - Trump in the White House, Bob Woodward, 2018
Moneyland, Oliver Bullough, 2018
The Finance Curse, Nicholas Shaxson, 2018
Missing Person, Patrick Modiano, 1978
GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History, Diane Coyle, 2018
Russia Without Putin, Tony Wood, 2018
Digital War, William Merrin, 2019

Does anyone know, is there a way to embed my video which is hosted on my server onto an external website?

Similar to how I would embed or ?

"Police tried to close the entrance to The Mall leading to Buckingham Palace but they just keep on coming...

Video on Birdsite:

#climatestrike #YouthStrike4Climate #FridaysForFuture

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Everytime I help my dad out with his computer Chrome has been reinstalled. I always uninstall Chrome and put Firefox on there and explain to him why that is an important thing to do. I suspect he falls for the "This website will work better if you view it in Chrome. Click here to install Chrome."

Fuck Google and their evil trickeries.

"The benefit regime is so harsh. They say people don’t have targets on benefit sanctions but it’s all semantics – there is an expectation on staff to cut benefits."

"Feedback loops in recommendation systems can give rise to “echo chambers” and “filter bubbles” which can narrow a user’s content exposure, and ultimately shift their world view."
- from #DeepAI (#google AI)

they have published a study here:

If you like the Pomodoro productivity system, Goodtime on F-Droid is excellent, and it looks very smart too.

My podcast recommendations for UK leftists:

Novara Media
Politics, Theory, Other
Talking Politics
The Taxcast by The Tax Justice Network
TrashFuture (a UK podcast with a similar feel to Chapo Trap House)

Recommendations welcome!

I agree with @DanielEllsberg, and admire @xychelsea's courage. Compelling sources to testify against the journalists with whom they've worked threatens the independent function of the free press in an open democracy. She must be released.


"Chelsea Manning jailed for refusing to testify to grand jury in WikiLeaks case

Judge Claude Hilton orders Manning, who says she objects to the secrecy of grand jury process, to jail after brief hearing on Friday"

My goodness, I love Firefox and gHacks (an excellent blog that's well worth adding to your RSS feed):

"Firefox 67 with anti-fingerprinting technique letterboxing - gHacks Tech News

Mozilla Firefox 67 will feature a new anti-fingerprinting technique that protects against certain window-size related fingerprinting methods."

I love Late Night Linux. What a lovely podcast. The intro/outright music is lovely and melancholic.

Five of my favourite films (in no particular order):

400 Blows (1959)
Concrete Night (2013)
Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974)
Seashore (Beira-Mar) (2015)
Harold and Maude (1971)

Film suggestions are very welcome!

Yet one more reason to dump Google:

"Google, siding with Saudi Arabia, refuses to remove widely-criticized government app which lets men track women and control their travel

Google reviewed the app — called Absher — and ruled that it does not violate any agreements, and therefore will remain on Google Play."

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