Very useful post from @ctemplar to understand basic concepts like "symmetric" and "asymmetric" encryption", and the often heard terms of "AES" πŸ›‘οΈ and "RSA" πŸ”

OnionShare2.3 :tor: adds anonymous chat!

Imagine you want to send some critic information. Imagine this person has his/her public gpg key on her website and social accounts (so you can "trust" it).

You send her an gpg encrypted mail. Maybe even from a disposable mail address.

But instead of putting the "content" on the email, what you send is the link to a Tor-onion-services encrypted, anonymous chat that doesn’t store any messages anywhere.

And you can send files!

@cooper @torproject Nope! but I even think the chat feature is even cooler! The idea to send to anybody that has his/her public gpg key on their website/public profiles an OnionShare address to join an encrypted, secret, disposable chat seems awesome! Then combo that with sharing files after that that you may need him/her to receive... top-notch!

If you want an encrypted resolver, based on Europe, that supports both DoH and DoT, I'm having a good experience with @libreops (

Here you have their recent budget report for last year (2020):

@Tutanota Jesus christ! It's has been a while since I'm out of their service... but that practice should be unacceptable!

@kev I prefer KeePass as my password solution, with syncthing to have always available the last changes between devices without recurring to any 3rd server. But I recon I install bitwarden to all my friends πŸ˜‚

Do you have an RGB keyboard, live on Linux but the manufacturer doesn't have an official app to control it?

is a free and open source application to control RGB lighting for a multitude of devices! (it's also available for Windows as well)

@Tutanota Is there a way to protect the android app with a pin-code from being open?

February 14th it's also the "I Love Free Software" day! Lets appreciate and applaud all those who contribute to the many areas of Free Software!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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For many the Internet is Google. But Google profits massively from the data you share. The time has come to stop this unlimited data mining. That's why we are building Tutanota. We do not track, log or share your information. And the best thing is: No Ads.πŸ₯° πŸ₯° πŸ₯°

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Freedom of speech and the right to privacy are closely interlinked. We stand with Russian protesters who act upon these Human Rights. In case you need secure and anonymous email, make sure to sign up with a VPN as Tutanota is blocked in Russia:
#31января #31январяЗаБвободу

@sunknudsen Fantastic episode, Sun! I love this idea! let's "spam" my backups 🀣 🀣

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Let's light up that YouTube channel with some new stuff, shall we?

@killyourfm there you go. Done a quick example (over VNC over SSH) with one of default wallpapers

@killyourfm that is a total nonsense. Raspberry Pi OS runs openbox. Just pick a modern slick theme of 0,87Mb πŸ˜†, a flat icon set, set transparency top bar and a beautiful wallpaper, BAM. 3 times niccer yet only 150~ MB ram... ubuntu gnome for that hardware is stupid!

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@killyourfm I don't know Rick, 3080 is slightly over 10/day at 240WπŸ€” . Anyway, I've been there in 2020... it wasn't that funny couple of months laterπŸ˜›

@sunknudsen @lps please don't take it wrong, Sun, but if you always do the videos without even a single cut, why do you feel so restricted with resolve? Btw, if you indeed have tried Davinci Resolve, what are your impressions about privacy and how intrusive it is? I would love your thoughts on that since it's the one I usually use!

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