speaking of being adaptable, do yourself a favour and try open source replacements for adobe. if you don't work in a specific professional pipeline where it's necessary to exchange files, it's totally do able.
@lps@video.1146.nohost.me That's the thing... it took me a lot of time to develop an efficient workflow that allows me to focus on content. I really tried to move that workflow to Resolve, but things didn't work. Feels like I would have to dedicate significant time to switching apps vs creating content (tradeoffs...).

@sunknudsen @lps please don't take it wrong, Sun, but if you always do the videos without even a single cut, why do you feel so restricted with resolve? Btw, if you indeed have tried Davinci Resolve, what are your impressions about privacy and how intrusive it is? I would love your thoughts on that since it's the one I usually use!

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