@andri Only as ugly as the theme you are running. I am rather fond of Dracula, personally.

@wesley I have had good experiences with SteelSeries headsets. I like the no contact ear cups and the suspension headband makes it easy to wear them for 8+ hours without discomfort.

@alexbuzzbee @huy_ngo A few years ago I worked for a reputable MSP that used Season / Year / Exclamation point for ALL of their internal credentials (example: Summer2016!). These were permanent passwords too, not even temporary ones.

@celia Squier is a budget Fender but more than decent. In fact a friend who is a professional musician told me that he finds they often produce a better sound than some of the cheaper Fender models. Try to buy a model with a hardtail bridge since I had to block my tremolo to get the strings to stop slipping.

@alexbuzzbee That might be me tonight / tomorrow. The joys of 12 hour rotating shifts.

@georgia Ugh. I was also diagnosed with this years ago and now I have an appointment on Monday to figure out if it has gotten worse and is spreading or if I have developed some "new and improved" skin condition.

A big 🎈 πŸŽ‰ WELCOME πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ to our newest moderators, Hund and Tayo! We're happy to have them, both, on board. If you want to know a little more about them or our other amazing staff members, check the link below.


@0PT41N Even if you do manage to break your installation until a point it becomes unbootable that can easily be fixed by booting from a "live" system via USB and the wiki / forums can typically walk you through fixing it.

πŸ‘‹ If anyone is looking for mid-senior Software Engineer positions, pls get in touch. We have some exciting new projects starting! Boosts appreciated.
:python: :javascript: :react:

ℹ️ Can be but need the right to work in the UK

I recently been interested in using and wanted to know if anyone has a recommendation for a good instance?


@mindofjoe I got a good deal on a 128GB microSD card and I kept telling myself I would fill it up but that never happened. I still have to put my DOS and Windows games on there, though. That might help eat up some of the space.

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