👋 If anyone is looking for mid-senior Software Engineer positions, pls get in touch. We have some exciting new projects starting! Boosts appreciated.
:python: :javascript: :react:

ℹ️ Can be but need the right to work in the UK

I recently been interested in using and wanted to know if anyone has a recommendation for a good instance?


Today I wrote a bit about leaving WordPress for GitHub Pages and then leaving GitHub Pages for GitLab Pages 😂!


It has unfortunately happened. We are sincerely sorry.

Yes, the lists will still be relevant.

The maintenance cost of these systems including electricity raises up to $500/month.

We thank you all for choosing us!

This stuff tends to be vaporware, but I'm ever an optimist.

The people have good pedigrees, the product looks good, and they say they're going to support Linux.

Here's hoping!


Here is a throwback from 2015. I think I have a few more of these... somewhere.

Greetings fellow Fosstodons!

I am an entirely self-taught technomancer: great for bragging rights but looks terrible on my resume, so I am looking to change that in the future.

I am currently very passionate about cybersecurity, and used my free time during the pandemic to teach myself about Xen and GrapheneOS.

I am looking forward to learning more through this community and its members... hopefully to the point that I can contribute to in a more practical sense.

Saying, "Why want privacy if you have nothing to hide?" is the same as saying, "Why want freedom if you're not going to commit crimes?".

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