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Rounded corners or pointy corners and why?

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Fedilab or Twidere-X? Why :ac_question:

Fedilab's Mastodon account: @apps

Imagine a story where Batman's identity gets revealed and criminals don't fear him anymore, so he has to somehow make them scared of him again, and gets consumed by the Batman side of him, fully eliminating Bruce Wayne in the process

Rounded corners or pointy corners and why?

Rounded corners or pointy corners and why?

"It’s compelling to look at the non-hosting users, conclude that they are a smashing majority (99.8% !!!!), and make a sweeping conclusion that no one wants to host their own servers. Yet it’s precisely because of those 0.2% that the system is capable of existing. Take them away, and the whole system dies."

Great post. The tiny minority of people running the network are a key constituency. They need good #UX too.

#decentralization #fediverse #moxie #SmallWeb #indieweb

I had recently got my Oneplus6 set up just the way I want it. Now AT&T is forcing me to stop using my Oneplus6 even though it is LTE capable. They say it's not. It's supposed to stop working next month. I have another phone but I'm gonna use this one until the last day.

Tmobile will let me use it on their network but their coverage here sucks. I wish it was better.

Now I'm going to have to find a more recent phone, load LineageOS on it and start over.

Nextcloud is actually pretty cool. I made that switch from Dropbox literally the night I came across it.

Just found this one a moment ago. Apparently it's a big deal. So, here it goes: the picture shows a snow on a roof. Is it taken (A) from the inside, looking up, or (B) from the outside, looking down?

If we are concerned that every move we make on the web is tracked and sold to marketers, we shouldn't forget that we have the choice not to implement these on our sites and avoid those sites that do.

Nintendo: We build our games as unique experiences for the whole family, everybody loves our games!
Sony: We have the most technology, our gamepad alone will blow you away!
Valve: We are the daddy of PC gaming. Also, Linux, bitchez, Steamdeck will be awesome!

Hey, MS, what's your superpower?

Microsoft: Money.

Fun fact:

It's way easier to run old games on Linux using their Windows releases and Wine, rather than to run their native Linux releases on modern Linux..

And this is not just a problem with games... Backwards compatibility is an issue on Linux.We usually don't care because most of the software we run can be recompiled for modern systems. Unless the code has not been updated for 2 decades, and everything around it has shifted forward...

#Gaming #Linux #Unreal #Wine #RetroGaming #FOSS

We're super proud of our CEO, Eva Gouwens, for being named one of the 50 outstanding female entrepreneurs and leaders in the Netherlands in the Social Impact category. 🌟

The SHE LEADS Dashboard is a publication by Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (

My youngest son had a school test today that involved the use of the proprietary ArcGIS. However the school test had to be postponed because of license issues with ArcGIS.

Message to all schools, colleges and universities use FLOSS only. And if an alternative doesn't exist, help creating one.

Does anyone else here update OpenStreetMap? I challenged myself to do 100 updates a day for the whole year.

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