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Thank you @aral for introducing me to Beaker Browser and the dat:// protocol for P2P web browsing

Incredibly cool:

One reason I love (and the majority of the ) is because most of the people here may disagree strongly with my thoughts, but more often than not people stay fairly respectable. I can call many of you (with whom I completely disagree on a very basic level) colleagues and friends. There is virtually no love-loss because of a disagreement.

It gives me hope for the future of humanity that there are so many polar opposites being excellent to each other!

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Okay, so I just spent a huge amount of time reading correspondence from Poettering(systemd dev) to the debian team about a single tiny little script in systemd.

Why is systemd a thing? Their scripts make things endlessly complex. Little scripts double in size. Tiny C modules triple in size, just to account for the complexity of systemd.

What ever happened to the Unix Philosophy?

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To me, this is the perfect device..

I am thinking of backing this. Any concerns or thoughts that I should consider before purchasing? This is my dream form factor.

Pretty awesome review from XDA about the Cosmo Communicator, a clamshell PDA that can run android or Linux or both.

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So now you can invest in . Buy non-voting shares. If you invest a minimum of $1000 you get a rather large bonus... I don't know about you, but sounds like a decent investment... though a little risky.

What's risk anyway?

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On Supply and Demand

Here is a new little essay by yours truly analyzing supply and demand as a natural law of human psychology and natural economics.

Yay! How boring could it possibly be?

I am unsure why people call the current economic system "capitalism". There are almost no capitalistic tropes to the current system. It is more like a socialist society. Almost every aspect of our lives is controlled by government, even through corporations by proxy, but not directly by corporations exactly. It is just weird to me to hear so much blamed on a system of economics that doesn't even exist today.

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proposed laptop sticker, boost if you think it's worth me tidying up and printing #serverless #snark

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Ubuntu Touch matrix app #FluffyChat is now listed on the official Matrix app list also
This is well deserved recognition of the great work put in by Christian Pauly aka Krille

#UBports #UbuntuTouch #AppDev #OpenStore #Matrix

I see a lot of toots with huge claims with a lot of assumptions and I just want to ask the authors of such toots to expand upon their claims.

Most of the time the claims are really counter intuitive and I really want to know what they mean because it isn't always obvious to me.

I am almost never being blythe about any questions I ask, so please if I ask for an explanation don't take it the wrong way. I call it curiosity, some call it being dense. 😃

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Hi guys I'm new here hope to find friends that loves linux as me 😎. I love Linux + Raspberry pi

Wait... so can you not access the file system on an iOS device? How do you transfer music and stuff? Like real FLAC files and stuff... wait... you don't have an SD card port?

How do you people use iPhones?


Why is Office365 still a thing? My company uses it and it is so painful and they are PAYING for it! I just won't really understand...

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