After 2 days of work and a pulled forearm muscle, this is the result. It isn't quite finished, but this is the result of a ton of work.

Look at all those extra bricks... now I need to build a fire pit in my back yard.

I am most proud of that tree, even though it was the easiest thing, I think it looks better than everything else.

Instead of sitting down to write today, I did a thing. 2 layers of mulch, 1 fabric layer, 1 layer of soil, 1 layer of fabric, 2 layers of rock, then removal of hundreds of roots... now it is ready to setup a new barrier out of stone, put down a little topsoil, then cover it with black mulch. That tree is new too. I removed a massive ugly bush.

What a fun day of *not* writing. Tomorrow will be the same I think.

So @bleakgrey (creator of ) and I have been working on something. Let's be honest, it was mostly him. But here is a sneak preview. Get excited for something pretty friggin' awesome!

So apparently, @Purism is developing a Mastodon client for the ?? That's cool.

I'll be going to bed soon. Can we push this up to €1000?

Show a little love? How much do you appreciate Mastalab/Fedilab?

Hey! More donations! We are inching closer to getting @tom79 a new laptop! Over 1/3 of the way there! Yay!

Any more out there value ? When I go to bed tonight, I would like to see that goal bar full! Show a FOSS dev some love and send him a few bucks.

Looky looky! We're at 443€! That's about 1/4 of the way there in less than 2 hours! Awesome!

Can we get more? I want to see this awesome dev get money for his laptop today! This is what is ALL about! Getting FOSS devs paid!

I just got done cleaning up my Slackware install and decided to stick with XFCE.

What do you think?

This is the only DE that I have been completely comfortable with... now... how can I use this and still look at cat pictures on the interwebs?

Playing with my wife tonight for the first time... let me tell you, after an hour setting up the game I just want to take a nap... then wake up and design my own tabletop game that takes 5 minutes to setup.

Alright. I fiddled with the appearance and this is what I have now for my desktop. I am starting to not hate the colors and environment prettiness.

Oh, I also got Plank running and it works better on Slackware XFCE than it ever did on Debian Mate. I wonder what the difference is?

Here's my setup. I had such an issue getting ELILO working on my system with Slackware that I decided to keep Debian for a while. Maybe after I learn a little more I will get some in my life.

Thanks to @Strit forcommenting on my post and for my Mastodon Stalker syndrome for checking out his project! You do amazing work my good sir! I am running on my new shiny .

Also, thank you to @d4klutz for his suggestion to not be afraid of losing in the process. here I come!

Have you grabbed one of the desktop backgrounds that the peeps of Mastodon made?

Here's what my desktop looks like right now!

Grab yours at

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