The 3rd quarter of this year is approaching. The is closer to shipping. I cannot express how excited I am that @purism has come up with the idea of a fully free smart phone. Not only that, but one that can be upgraded and repaired.

I'll be honest, even if it can only make calls, do SMS, and browse the web, I will be more than happy. It will be the first phone I have ever truly owned.

So I can't wait. The next 3 months can't pass fast enough.

@poetgrant @purism I completely agree. If its a basic communication device I could care less about the bells and whistles since its reclaiming ones data privacy.

True. But also, the bells and whistles will come later. I am all for waiting for a good thing.

@poetgrant @purism I can not wait until mine ships!! I might do an unboxing! On a side note would you know of an open source alternative to youtube?

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