Just found out Tusky and Fedilab are now censoring instances that the developers don't like.. To those developers... Who made you king that you get to decide what others visit? You have no right to control other people´s lives. Just because something offends you, that doesn't give you the right to tell us what we can't do.. I don't like SJW´s, but I do not try to silence them.. @tusky and @fedilab developers.... pull your heads out of your posteriors.

@d4klutz IMO they have every right to blacklist whoever they want in their software.

That this is a stupid Mozilla/Google-style move that betrays the users is another story.

If I cared more, I'd fork.

(cc @poetgrant because he boosted OP)

@Wolf480pl @d4klutz I think I will either fork it or just find something else to suck away my time. This is just childish rubbish. Sure, gab is offensive, extremely offensive, but so is every Marxist and entitled little twerp out there. I don't get mad very often, I see their posts about how we need to kill the capitalists and burn the Nazis all the time. It never enters my mind that they need to be controlled. It is just sad how they all handle themselves in public.

Double moral is what that's called. They can be offensive but as soons as the right wing starts being offensive then that's all wrong and we need to ban the. To that I say cut the crap. Either yoy throw away that double moral shit an act like proper people or you face the same consequences the right gets when they are offensive. They are juat hurting the fediveres with this double moral shit.
@Wolf480pl @d4klutz


It reminds me of when I was a child, but I grew out of the double speak and double morality. Things are not doubleplusgood or doubleplusbad. Things are what they are and violence and coercion is never acceptible to me. It only worsens situations. Mark my words, this attitude that Tusky Dev has taken will be the demise of this network.

And now we become twitter.
@Wolf480pl @d4klutz

The Earldom of Grenland. Is going to prepare for this event. "And now my watch begins"
@Wolf480pl @d4klutz

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