@DistroJunkie asked me a question and I wanted to try out the polling feature.

So, of the Linux peeps, have any of you ever compiled your own kernel?


So it's official, I was wrong. More people than not have compiled their own kernel. How cool is that?

Although, with 149 votes, I guess this poll isn't authoritative. 😃😃

@poetgrant @DistroJunkie that's still a lot of votes for a fedi poll IMO.

But you also need to keep in mind what kinda audience you have :P.

@Wolf480pl @poetgrant @DistroJunkie Sample bias, definitely. Ask the same poll on /r/linux and you'd probably get 10/80/10.

@sean @poetgrant @DistroJunkie
I wonder what'd happen if kawen made a poll like this

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