So I wrote a thing about . Please don't murder me. There are already so many opinions spinning out there, I thought I'd add my own.

Librem for Liberty

I plan on writing weekly again, so stay tuned with this link:

@poetgrant "The release of the Librem 5 is only a couple of months away..."

You just keep telling yourself that. 😉

FYI: proofread the last paragraph, there are a couple of typo/grammar bits.

@poetgrant That is pretty much my thoughts on the matter as well. I see nothing wrong with what they have done. Maybe marketing could have been better, but in the end it's about providing ease of use of these popular tools. Which can help draw more attention to them.

I could go on, but you already covered most of it in the blog :D

Hehehe, I'm glad I'm not the only one with those thoughts.

@poetgrant Nice writing, however the Librem Mail app isn’t available yet for iOS. It appears to be a stretch goal. I am eagerly awaiting it!! Maybe @purism could tell us a bit more about why. The built in PGP feature alone will make the monthly cost worth it for me. #LibremOne #LibremMail #Librem

@jonathangirard @poetgrant @purism I think because the librem mail app is a fork of the Android k9 app. They'd have to write a pgp mail app from scratch to create it on iOS.

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