There are a lot of libraries and applications that I feel like repackaging for from , but I am thinking that this will take weeks and may not even work when I am done... then maintaining them... gosh... I guess this is how things get done in the community though...

@poetgrant As a former Slackware user, I'd suggest taking a look at Arch if you're so inclined. It stays out of the way and it packages just about *everything*. Not just KDE and GNOME, but several others, including MATE and XFCE and Cinnamon.

@SuperFloppies I tried arch a few months ago. Then switched to Manjaro, then back to Slackware. There is just something appealing to me about how simple Slackware is in its approach. Thank you for the suggestion, but I think I will always be a slacker. :D

@poetgrant Hey, to each their own.

For me, I need dependency management at a minimum. 🙂

@SuperFloppies I usually have pretty good luck with deps. It's the eOS stuff that I miss from my elementary days. Their web-browser just made me happy... I think it is really the only thing I truly miss from eOS. I think I will at least package libgranite, then see where it takes me. Who knows, I may become the Pantheon Slackware maintainer. :D

@SuperFloppies To be honest, I would love to have the look of Pantheon DE with the simplicity of or . I love all of the tools if only they were as pretty as stuff. :D

@poetgrant It was the one gripe I had with it. But, it was my first.

I’m pretty settled on Arch. I have a local mirror that updates twice daily and feeds several systems, and keeping everything updated takes all of five minutes for them all, so I’m content with it. I do wish there were a LTS “released version” every now and again, though, so as to make it a little easier to use on servers without an internal fork, but nothing is perfect.

@SuperFloppies That was actually one of the things that really got to me... no LTS. I know it may seem silly, but I really like that Slackware only has major releases every 4-5 years, then does little updates along the way. Most of my software is always up-to-date, but the base system stays on whichever version for years.

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