I can't get Gnome Web to install on ... it is infuriating. I love that browser. Sooooo annoying. I guess I'll use Firefox for now. Also I love Slackware, but it seems that everyone really likes on this platform so most of the programs are built assuming you are on KDE. Although I don't mind Qt, I very much prefer GTK.

@poetgrant I like gnome web. Jut wish the latest was packaged for elementary

@jordan31 When I'm done, it will be for Slackware... hehehe

@poetgrant In my discussions with @josemanuel around packaging Odysseus, I hear Slackware doesn't have a WebKit2GTK package. That could be holding up a fair few GTK apps.

@alcinnz that package is in SlackBuilds ('official' 3rd party packaging site). I got that, but for some reason meson keeps failing to build. I'm going to try doing it the old fashioned way when LibreOffice finishes compiling.

@poetgrant Great! That would have been a real pain to keep up with.

Let us know when you've got this figured out?

@alcinnz Will do. Meson usually doesn't give me problems, not on Slackware. Ironically, on eOS I constantly had issues with meson. hehehe... this is the first time I've had an issue on Slackware.

@poetgrant Did you try its flatpak? (I see a more recent post about flatpak, so I'm guessing yes)

@klaatu I am actually just now trying the Flatpak... one issue though, there is no way I can find to actually launch Flatpak apps? There are no icons, and I tried typing com.libreoffice.etc.etc.etc.etc

Have you figured this out yet?

should be something like

$ flatpak run org.gnome.Epiphany

You can usually (sometimes, maybe) figure this out from the output of

$ flatpak list

But yeah, #flatpak really needs to smooth that process out. Snaps make it super simple.

@poetgrant @klaatu weird, I've yet to encounter a case where Flatpaks do not add icons to the app menu. At least on Debian/Fedora based systems.

Yes, you're right @matt, I guess my actual issue is when an application doesn't add a .desktop file, it's difficult to launch.

I haven't installed Gnome Web as @poetgrant is attempting, so I'm not sure what its .desktop file status is, but I would imagine it provides one.

Oh nevermind (just tried), Gnome Web has made its flatpak unavailable due to security issues.

Okay, so I removed it and reinstalled it. Now it created a desktop file. It must have been a fluke.

I couldnt get LibreOffice flatpak to load. It would try, but fail. Tried reinstalling a couple of times. In the end I went a got Alien's package for LibreOffice since the SBo package kept failing to build.

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