Which 'universal' packaging do you prefer?





And why do you prefer it?

I ask because since I ordered the , I have learned that they are going to be investing in Flatpak and I am beginning to wonder what made them choose that over the others.

@poetgrant Snap because I think it's the best option. Besides, Snap is covered with @popey and @Wimpy greatness.😃

None of them.

I prefer software to be adjusted by my distro maintainers to better fit the rest of the system.

@Wolf480pl @poetgrant same here.

besides, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think AppImage is Linux-centric, making it useless for anybody running a BSD. don’t know about the others from that list.

most of the time I install software provided by my system’s package repository and in the rare cases of no packages available, I install from source. for some reason I don’t trust universal images/packagers…

@poetgrant AppImage, because it's most "install-less" and "single-file," so it has better ease-of-use for non-technical users (and for technical users who don't always want to use their skills, too!).


Over snap: because it's decentralized and doesn't duplicate all of the dependencies

Over appimage: because AppImages still sometimes don't have enough dependencies packaged

@poetgrant As long as it works.

Sometimes I grab one of those packages and it's linked against some library that it assumes I have (but I don't since my libc is too new).

@poetgrant I was thinking of buying one, but I think I'll hold off until they come out and are a given a test drive by others first.

I will be the Guinea Pig for this one. For all my touting of Slackware Linux, I sure do like the cutting edge sometimes. 😃

@poetgrant I don't have any experience with appimage, but flatpak for me is a joy to work with. Maybe not so much from a developers point of view, but it has almost completely taken the place of dnf for me.
That way i get to choose what versions of software i want without touching the systems repositories. Its easy to set up, and i've never had problems with it yet.
Also, I'm using it to publish an app for the librem 5, and theres enough resources to be found as if now.

What kind of app are you making for the Librem?

Oh, that will be a learning experience for sure!

@poetgrant it's the first serious project i've ever started though, so it's mostly for personal use, and meant to be a learning experience :)

@poetgrant I’ve used all 3, but prefer snaps. Mainly because I’m an Ubuntu user and they’re so easy to use.

After that, it would probably be flatpak. I believe the @elementary guys are going flatpak.

All in all, they’re all very similar. It just depends on the use case.

Yes, eOS is building Flatpak stuff into AppCenter from what I understand. It seems to be a format that GNOME likes a lot. Maybe one day GNOME will start their own thing with just Flatpak. I know that the PureOS Store will primarily focus on Flatpak.

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