So I guess the server is down. That sucks.

@poetgrant The server, yes. It's a shame it is still so centralized.

I hope more people start to fan out to other instances, to actually make it decentralised, as it should be.

I think I will be setting up my own instance post haste! I have enough Pis to do it with.

From what I've heard, #Synapse (the #Matrix server) can be quite hungry to run.

At this point I'll recommend to check out #Feneas ( and their Matrix instance, which is open for public registrations 🎉

@poetgrant I've been unable to communicate with technical support and people i know for like 10 hours :o
Not that theres anything to do about it, but it's times like these that i hate having such a terrible internet connection.
I can't afford faster internet and its too slow to set up my own services now :(

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