The book I am writing will be called 'The Art of Gods' though I am thinking about a subtitle for it. It may just be 'Act One'.

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@poetgrant I like the "Act One" idea. Is this a book of poetry or something else? Fiction? Linux HowTos?

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It is fiction. I am designing a webpage for it so that I can link to it for self promotion.
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It is based on a linguistics project that did in college. I am telling the story of one of the heroes of the history of the people for whom I created a language... I have to figure out a better way to say that....
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@poetgrant So, your book is about a mythical figure from a fictional culture? Sounds cool.

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@poetgrant BTW, haven't heard much from you lately. Good to see you tooting.

@poetgrant I've been pondering where I've heard the book title, Act One, ever since your toot and it's finally come to me. It was the title of Moss Hart's autobiography. His wife, Kitty Carlisle was a family friend (sort of) and gave me an autographed copy of it when I was a kid.

Oh a playwright! How fantastic and fitting for such a man.

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