Okay, time to try out browser.

I like Falkon, but if I am sticking with a GTK based DE, then I want a GTK based browser that is fast and simple.

@jarlavgrenland I was looking at that one. I like it too... but I want to try a FOSS browser before I go with something closed up.

@poetgrant Yeah i can see that. i do recall parts of vivaldi being open-source, but not all of it.

@jarlavgrenland if they open sourced the whole thing I would be all on board without reservation! :D

@poetgrant Hahaha. i think a lot of people would share the same tought as you.

@jarlavgrenland they are based in Oslo, and in my experience anything that comes out of Scandinavia is usually awesome... damn... I might start running proprietary software... grrr... I visit Finland and Sweden ONE time and I have become obsessed. I'm not sure my love of the Northern Lands is healthy.

@poetgrant Hahaha. I am Norwegian. so i always support Norwegain software. i am sick and tired of software getting outsourced to asia or other parts of the world

@poetgrant I wanted to like Midori so badly, but it crashed almost instantly every time I installed it. And this was the stable, distro-packaged release too. I don't know what it took exception too, but it did not like me one bit :P

It is compiling now on my Slackware machine. We will see if it is good in about 2736251736 hours....

@poetgrant Excitement! Since testing Midori on Debian I've switched to Slackware on all my machines, so please let me know how you go. If it works for you then I might give it another spin.

@stjohn Will do! It is 93% compiled. I have an old quadcore processor, so it will take a little longer. :) On my i7 this would have taken 5 minutes... hehehe

@poetgrant If you try Midori you might as well try Pale Moon with a sexy theme ;)

@poetgrant I found Midori to have too many problems. And Falkon to be too slow (especially on Reddit for some reason). Once again I'll recommend Epiphany. Great GTK browser, very light and not at all busy, and doesn't pull in all of GNOME for dependencies like you might imagine.

@ataraxia937 I will try Epiphany if Midori isn't stable for me. I always did like Epiphany. :)

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