I have 2 books that I am closing in on finishing. By the end of this year at least one of them will be ready for review and publication. Anyone know of a publisher that will allow the book(s) to be published DRM-free?

@poetgrant What is the subject matter? Fiction/nonfiction? What is your intended audience? Do you desire bookstore sales or only online distribution?

One is mythological and the other is simple semi-futuristic fiction. Audience is difficult. I am writing more simplistically for a wider audience, while trying to get deeper points across. I would prefer EPUB distribution with a possible limited hard copy distribution.

Lulu is how a lot of my professors got published. I'll have to look into it. Thank you.

@poetgrant @feoh Lulu is self-publishing; i.e., you pay for editing, cover design, etc., and, most crtically, marketing. If that stuff doesn't matter to you, it's a fine way to go.

@poetgrant What else are you looking for from a publisher?

Mainly, the only reason I want to go through a publisher is distribution. I don't actually care about all the features and stuff, I could style and 'publish' my own book, but I will not be nearly as good at distribution as people who have been doing it for years.

To be honest, I have always thought it would be awesome to distribute my works through torrents. But I would need a plan to promote the books. Maybe there is a Pirate Publisher out there somewhere?

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