How is it that I have tried eOS, Debian, PureOS, Suse, Manjaro, and Fedora, yet the only distribution where my trackpad and little red dot thing on my Lenovo laptop works perfectly and functions perfectly on is Slackware???? Why?

@poetgrant because you are at one with your inner slack.😃

I should give you the name, DistroJunkie.

Bahaha... I think I just like Slackware, not the others. The others don't really make sense to me very often.


Because "if it builds, we ship it" is kinda the norm with the big kids. If you're up for manual installation, I'd be interested to know if the hardware functions properly in Adélie too.

I havent heard of that one... do they do a Live Image?


Yes, but it doesn't boot in to X, and we don't have an init script for sddm yet either (in part because Gentoo uses some sorcery to do a generic one for all of the display managers they ship).

Thing to note about Adélie: you'll need `linux-firmware` from if your hardware requires firmware. (It's shipped separately because it's not libre)

You have peaked my interest... no X? That is right up my alley!

@poetgrant I've had the opposite experience. Most every distro works great for me, but I can't even get Slackware's install media to boot up properly - it just hangs when it's supposed to mount root. Oh well, I have enough choices.

@poetgrant Using Fedora w/ KDE Plasma on a ThinkPad here, little red dot working splendidly. An important keyword here is (not always in use on X11), it's the modern input stack that really cares for little red dots (and other things)

@poetgrant I have a Lenovo ThinkPad 13, and both the touchpad & TrackPoint work perfectly on every distribution I have tried.

Which laptop do you have? Which input driver are you using?

I have the Lenovo x140e... I am using the generic P/2 driver. You know, I think it is my hardware actually. I have to use a couple of different proprietary drivers for different pieces of my laptop.

That problem may be that on all those other distros I don't 'choose' the driver, it is chosen for me. With Slackware I go through a list and choose the right module/driver.


maybe because you have compiled it.

how about gentoo ?

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