Markets Not Capitalism

So I am doing a podcast now. I think I will read this books and do a podcast on the ideas behind it. Anyone know where I can find an EPUB version of it?

Agoristic economics really interests me right now. I have heard of it, but I haven't really looked into it.

sorry for arguing before either of us had a chance to read the book, but...

If oligopolies and wealth concentration were only a result of govt intervention, then how come we have an oligopoly in Bitcoin mining?

I didn't know there was one. Wouldn't that be a result of the current concentration of wealth though? I don't actually keep up with the crypto stuff very much, but I would venture a guess that there is a lot of government influence in those circles too. Maybe not direct influence, but definitely indirect.

Again, I haven't kept up with that news, so maybe there is direct influence that I haven't been made aware of yet.

I haven't kept up with bitcoin news either, and it looks like I got something wrong about it already being an oligopoly.

When you look at the graph
maybe it doesn't look too bad, but the 3 top pools together have 51%...

I also found this interesting paper:


I want to thank you for that website you just linked to. Assert = awesomesauce

You have successfully diverted my attention to a million awesome topics and essays...

Lol I didn't even realize assert is cool, it just appeared near the top in duckduckgo results...

Anyway, I'm glad I'm not the only one who wasted time chasing links today ;)

Gosh, some of these papers are out of my knowledgebase. I only did Calc1 in college and physics.

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