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What is it that makes a great 'homebased personal cloud'?

What do you want from a 'cloud box'? Is Nextcloud your thing? A NAS? Something else?

If someone were to build and sell a personal cloud box that is plug 'n play, what do you expect or want?

I know what I would want, but I just wonder if I'm weird. πŸ˜ƒ

@poetgrant Plug and play? Like for someone like my mom to plug in and then use? Hmmm... Probably just Nextcloud, but I don't know how the domain and NAT config would be done?

@poetgrant also how do you know if the router has hairpinning, and if not what do you do? I don't think a plug and play solution is technically possible as long as ipv4 is a thing

How does my ip cam do it? It just connected to my internet and now I have access anywhere...

@poetgrant UPnP if you connect directly to it, or if you use a website from the manufacturer it does the same thing as teamviewer by going through a server that is exposed to the internet

Ah, it is through an app, so that's probably it... hmm... I don't want to run a server just for my mother... hehehe

@poetgrant You could host it at your place, and just make her an account ;). That's what I do with my parents (well actually I put my server in their house since they have a better internet connection)

Hmm... well if I could figure it out, then I could turn it into a product for sale eh? πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

@poetgrant Yes I know, you could always make it go through tor and market it as a privacy feature πŸ˜‰ . If you do that you should also figure out a way to make it not use tor if they're on the local network (since tor is significantly slower)

Oh that's an excellent idea! I didn't think about that... would openvpn work the same way you think?

@poetgrant if the server is accessible, that would work too. Wireguard is better though ;). And that's a significant amount of bandwith for the vpn server, and a significant amount of trust your users would need in you (defeats the point of self-hosting a bit)

Yeah... true. Maybe this is a bad idea for a market product. I have tons of other ideas for single purpose boxes.

@poetgrant there's some "self-hosted cloud" product already out there that establishes a tunnel through aws for your domain. I can't find the name but I found it a profoundly stupid idea when I saw it, and most of HN seemed to agree with me.

@poetgrant @Matter Yeah, I think Nextcloud is the best solution for a general purpose home cloud.

For hardware I've been extremely pleased with my Odroid HC2. Excellent form factor speed and supports 2.5" or 3.5" standard HDDs and ssds. Very good performance as well.

@poetgrant @Matter And I agree, it will be very difficult to get anything to be plug n play without doing some phone home wizardry to facilitate the connection.

Odroids have been a favorite of mine. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

@poetgrant @Matter Maybe you could include a basic router preconfigured with the cloud box?

@kelbot @poetgrant most ISP's have both a router and modem in one device, with port forwarding being in the settings somewhere. They often only work on their network and have credentials only modifiable by the ISP itself

@Matter @poetgrant Well, most ISPs don't require that. I've never had one of those with any of the various ISPs I've used over the last 10+ years. I have dealt with them before though for other people. I think you can put them in a basically pass through mode though so it just acts like a modem.

So P2P would be tough I'm guessing... I haven't worked with that before. Hmm... I must think about this.

That's what I am looking into actually. Other devices I use can do it, so I have to figure out how to make Nextcloud do it... without going to the router page and messing with stuff. I want to be able to just make something and sell it to someone like my mother who will just be able to use it.

@poetgrant your only hope would be UPnP but that's disabled pretty often nowadays because it's a bit of security risk

@poetgrant For me I think a NAS + Minimal PC running nextcloud would be the best-case scenario for a homebased personal cloud.

For the minimal PC I'd go with a mini ITX board with a gigabit NIC if your home network supports that. For the NAS, well any off the shelf product would probably do but something with a hardware raid controller would be ideal.

@poetgrant Speed and reliability are my jam. gigabit nic(s) and fast read/write speed along with some sort of redundancy or possibility of a raid in the future.

@d4klutz @poetgrant The Odroids satisfy the gigabit nic and fast read/write. So far reliabilty has been great for me as well. Only the one sata interface but they are designed to be stackable so you can run two of them on order to have some redundancy.

@poetgrant Are we talking exposable to the wider internet or just for internal use?

Exposable to the wider internet... which seems to be part of the issue I am finding.

@poetgrant Needs a WAF then... almost every cloud product I've seen doesn't have one built in.

@poetgrant Just a standard firewall won't really do as it doesn't give filtering on the actual type of traffic coming into the cloud system.

@poetgrant I've always been happy with a Linux box with lots of storage, samba shares and LVM. My son has designs on changing that up. I'm cheering him on, beaming like a proud father.

@poetgrant Nextcloud isn’t my thing - many of the apps are mediocre at best. The best all-in-one personal cloud IMO is a Synology. I’ve had one for quite a few years now and I don’t think I’d have anything else.

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