One reason I love (and the majority of the ) is because most of the people here may disagree strongly with my thoughts, but more often than not people stay fairly respectable. I can call many of you (with whom I completely disagree on a very basic level) colleagues and friends. There is virtually no love-loss because of a disagreement.

It gives me hope for the future of humanity that there are so many polar opposites being excellent to each other!

@poetgrant what I don't like about them is that they want to delete all posts in their instance that are not English. This is just insulting to me.

@cyndn ah, that is fair. I think it has to do with moderation to be honest. I could possibly do Spanish or German moderation, but not effectively I think. I don't know all of the slang... hehehe

@cyndn heck... I haven't used German in a couple of years, so I probably would.have difficulty moderating any complex grammar at all.

@cyndn @poetgrant That's not true actually, I regularly answer toots that are in another language. They just can't moderate other languages on the local timeline

@poetgrant Yes that is very important. People on this instance at least (I’m not on any others) are extremely respectful and are open to have discussions.

@poetgrant Although I've been here for what's feeling like hours, I really love the vibe around here! Discourse is what's missing at least in our society, so it's nice to have a place where it's practised.

@poetgrant Exactly. I think I'm one of those people who disagree with you fundamentally on many topics, but it's both more productive and more fun to just discuss those topics in a civil manner and to ask questions, rather than devolve into ad-hominem-laden flamewars like it is common even on more "geeky" networks like Google+ lately.
Therefore I hope that the fediverse will never "succeed" as defined by "social media gurus", i.e. a place where all the idiots show up.

@colomar you are perhaps one of my very favorite people to discuss and debate things with. Although I don't often say it, you really challenge my way of thinking and make me rethink things I formerly believe absolute. So I must thank you in particular for your excellence! 😃

@poetgrant Aaaaw 😄
Your blog posts and toots also regularly inspire me to broaden my perspective. Other people with libertarian views often just sound like a radical version of conservatives, whereas your views really make sense as a whole (even if I don't share them) and are well thought through in general, which makes it enjoyable to poke holes in them in a constructive manner wherever I feel they could use even more thinking through.

@colomar oh just so you know... those other libertarians tend to make me more angry than the most devout socialist. They make a mockery out of the deeper philosophies behind their surface thoughts. That said, I am still exploring these philosophies, among others, in search for something more concrete and true.

It's probably a fools errand, but it gives me a better sense of purpose I guess. 😃

@poetgrant I don't think exploring philosophies is ever a fool's errand. I don't believe it's about finding the one truth, but about continuously broadening your horizon.

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