Okay, so I just spent a huge amount of time reading correspondence from Poettering(systemd dev) to the debian team about a single tiny little script in systemd.

Why is systemd a thing? Their scripts make things endlessly complex. Little scripts double in size. Tiny C modules triple in size, just to account for the complexity of systemd.

What ever happened to the Unix Philosophy?

@DistroJunkie what is that baby goat??? That makes me want goats again. Also, this is why Slackware is my happy place.


@DistroJunkie it's sooooo tiny! I mistook it for a goat. I miss having cows too... I need to move out of the town again. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

@poetgrant The way I found out he was born is one if our Great Pyrenees dogs had a litter of puppies a while back and she was playing with the afterbirth just outside from under our porch where she's nested with her puppies. They came out from under the porch on their own power for the first time to share in this tasty treat (gross, I know!). So it was a day of neat newness on the ranch. I'm going to miss this place when we sell it.

@DistroJunkie that is understandable. I only had 9 cows and 11 goats and about 60 chickens... that was a lot of work on top of a job and school (I was homeschooled). The work always seemed to.come all at once too. Never spread out evenly across the days. Hehehe

@poetgrant it used to seem like it piled on from time to time. Now itseems like there's no let up. I'm tired and feel my age. Many of the things I need to do around here cause me physical pain now.

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