Okay, so I just spent a huge amount of time reading correspondence from Poettering(systemd dev) to the debian team about a single tiny little script in systemd.

Why is systemd a thing? Their scripts make things endlessly complex. Little scripts double in size. Tiny C modules triple in size, just to account for the complexity of systemd.

What ever happened to the Unix Philosophy?

I'm not a big fan of systemd in general, how it blurs the lines between everything and shoves too much stuff in PID 1 and evidently has some pretty shoddy engineering on top of shoddy design without afterthought.


Generally it tends to reduce or remove scripts, because hidden under the cruft is still a supervisor model, which is a huge improvement on the pidfiles and ad-hoc shell scripts of sysvinit and siblings.

When does it do the opposite? May I see the annoying thread?

@clacke this is unrelated to the issue I was diagnosing... but I got sucked into all the correspondence hehehe


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