So now you can invest in . Buy non-voting shares. If you invest a minimum of $1000 you get a rather large bonus... I don't know about you, but sounds like a decent investment... though a little risky.

What's risk anyway?

@poetgrant you mean invest or buy stock?
I've heard these are 2 very different things, but I don't exactly know how...

@Wolf480pl you would be purchasing stock in the company. Non-voting, so it is a limited stock option. They also don't mention dividends, so it would be a long term investment without immediate payout.

@poetgrant You seem to be talking like buying stock is a special case of investing... but I've heard some people say that buying stock does not always mean investing... I'm confused now.


@Wolf480pl well it will provide temporary capital for the company. Sort like buying a bond, but the payout tends to be a lot better... without a whitepaper I am not sure, but a 20% bonus on initial investment sounds like a pretty good payout.

It doesn't say if there are restrictions on selling stock.

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