I am unsure why people call the current economic system "capitalism". There are almost no capitalistic tropes to the current system. It is more like a socialist society. Almost every aspect of our lives is controlled by government, even through corporations by proxy, but not directly by corporations exactly. It is just weird to me to hear so much blamed on a system of economics that doesn't even exist today.

@DistroJunkie Yes... I know. I am just tired of seeing things blamed on something that they don't understand. It is really frustrating...

@DistroJunkie I have been studying economics for over a decade from a base principle perspective trying to discover the roots to different economic systems.

Then I get on the fediverse and I just shrug off all of the claims that capitalism did this and that to me and that capitalism is satan and the it sucks. But I don't think those people know what that word means... what they are talking about is the effects of government control, ie socialism/facism (those two are very similar).

Is Google controlled by a government?

Is google a government?

Or maybe it's a state-like entity within another state? I think those were called mafias?

@Wolf480pl Not a government, but many of their actions are controlled by the government.

@Wolf480pl I don't think you are wrong about your state within a state theorem... but they are ultimately subservient to the whims of the greater state. The state with the guns.

I think it's the government that is controlled by the corpos. By means of bribes^Wlobbying.

@Wolf480pl @poetgrant
This was the conclusion of the from a paper from 2014 looking at the US specifically,

@poetgrant I've heard the phrase "corporatism" used to describe the current situation, as the economy is dominated by distinct "non state" entities rather than the action of capital.

(how much they're actually non state actors is another matter all together)

@MrControl Haha, yes, that is true. Perhaps they should be labelled "psuedo-state actors".

Corporatism is a better term I think. Maybe Cartelism is even better. I hate that my brain must focus on definitions so much, but I just can't stand seeing a word like capitalism being blamed for something that has nothing to do with capitalism.

This is why I write... :D Eventually I will have written enough thoughts on a blank white screen that I can publish yet another book that no one will read. :D

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