Wait... so can you not access the file system on an iOS device? How do you transfer music and stuff? Like real FLAC files and stuff... wait... you don't have an SD card port?

How do you people use iPhones?

@poetgrant iPhone are for people who don't want to access the file system. They take the phone use it and that's it.

@tursiops interesting... my mother wanted me to help get an mp3 file on her phone as a ringtone and I am just now realizing that I can't without maybe iTunes? Even then... I just don't understand. Why can't I just access the onboard storage device?

@poetgrant @tursiops yeah, you would do it through iTunes, or put it online somewhere and download it to the device.

I don’t put any music on my iPhone (do people actually still do that?) between Spotify, google music and Apple Music, I don’t see the need. Personally I use Spotify.

@xj9 @tursiops @poetgrant Spotify provides a great service that I’m happy to pay for. I’m glad Kodi works for you though.

@rob I prefer if at all possible to host most of my data myself.

@tursiops I'll give it a try on one of my machine than I'm using as a server.

@rob @poetgrant @xj9 @tursiops each to their own. Personally I’ve always found that mentality a little naive. I tend to go with whatever I think is best for the job, FOSS, proprietary, whichever.

Plus, I’m sure you’ve probably bought a game or something at one point. 😊

@kev @poetgrant personally I use my own plex server so no need for me either

@tursiops @poetgrant I used to do the same thing from my Synology. I soon learned that Spotify was way better though.

@kev @poetgrant well I have a lot of really obscure songs and artists that I don't think any streaming service would have. Also I don't want to suddenly realize that I cannot listen to someone because it's been pulled from the catalog. I also use plex for my movies and series so it's quite convenient.

@tursiops @poetgrant luckily got for me, they have all the Barbie Girl, Westlife and Boyzone tracks available, so I’m good. 😁

@kev @tursiops @poetgrant
I have an extensive library of ripped CDs and purchased MP3 files that I like to keep on an SD card on my phone. I listen to several music podcasts for newer music, and I subscribe to Amazon Music to check out new releases that I might want to pick up.

But I'm also one of those weirdos that prefers an audio jack and wired headphones, too. YMMV 👍🎧🎵🎶

@kev @poetgrant @tursiops Haha, yes people still do that. You know, control and ownership and all that. The streaming services are certainly convenient but a content deal going south is all it takes for your favorite band's songs to disappear in the blink of an eye. Plus that can add up pretty quickly if you have to subscribe to multiple streaming services to get what you want.

Also, some of us have a pretty through digital music collection that we've built up and curated over time.

@kelbot @kev @poetgrant indeed it happened to me on Netflix I wasn't able to finish watching Dr house before it was pulled it was a bother

@kev @tursiops I just don't see the efficiency in paying a monthly fee for something so ethereal as Spotify and etc. I have a lot that I purchased over the years and I don't really see the point in paying to access the music I already own.

@poetgrant @kev @tursiops you can have any qualms you like about renting your media or not wanting to stream content or whatever, but from an end-user perspective of just listening to some damned music it really won't get more *effective* than Spotify.

Search for nearly everything and one second later you're listening to the whole catalogue of that artist on shuffle on any of your devices (with cross-device control: play on your PC w/ speakers and remote control it from your phone)

@kungtotte @kev @tursiops I guess I don't understand why anyone would pay for the priveledge to listen to music they already own... it doesn't add up to me.

If it's about finding new music, I thought that is what is for. Then you pay a one time fee of 9.99 and the music is yours.

I can sort of see the convenience of it, but isn't that a pretty massive tradeoff? It seems like a really short-sighted investment of capital.

@poetgrant a lot of the time it isn’t music I own. Maybe an album comes out, or a track comes on the radio that I like. I can add them to my library easily. Not to mention the additional value add stuff that Spotify adds, such as generated playlists based off your recent listening habits. I’ve discovered tonnes of artists from that alone.

I’m glad other systems work for you guys, but I personally think the £15/m I pay for a family account is money REALLY well spent.

@kungtotte @tursiops

@kev @poetgrant @tursiops same here, Kev. I own some of the music but mostly I don't, and it's all from scattered albums. Even if I have 5-10 songs from one artist it's rarely from the same album, so buying them all for just those songs is quite a large investment. I could afford one album per month if I gave up Spotify, so it would take me probably a decade to rebuild this library at that rate!

@poetgrant yeah you can only do so with iTunes. Well it's a walled garden so once you enter it no chance getting out

@poetgrant @tursiops

because you don't need to. You get an iPhone with an assumption that you never need to even know you have a local file system.

And for that matter, it still stands in contrast to macOS. Still, that is. With how Apple is going I wouldn't be surprised they'll implement more and more restrictions on that too (accessing only your home folder, for example)

@poetgrant iPhones aren't for your use case. They are restricted mobile computer terminals purpose built to be the user interface for a set of services curated by Apple and delivered by the cloud (present day mainframe systems essentially). The iPhone's storage is meant for the client access software and its data cache and thus is too much user access is deemed risky.

Terminals accessing mainframe timeshare systems in the 1970s didn't have an accessible file system so why would they now?

@poetgrant People don't actually /use/ iPhones, they /wear/ iPhones.

They are /seen to have/ iPhones.

Actual functionality is minimal and intentionally restricted to a small subset of things Apple thinks you should do, more like a bonus than the reason you get one.

@poetgrant @codesections brace yourself...

I never plug my iPhone into a computer... I pay for iTunes Match to host all my files, I add music to iTunes and it just appears on my phone.

It is the pinnacle of proprietary and either upgrades or downgrades all my music to 256Kbps

I choose to suffer for convenience :skyweary:

@poetgrant I thought you could access the filesystem. Maybe iPhone users access the filesystem through some other means?

@poetgrant *One search later*

Well son of a gun, it _is_ really hard to access the filesystem. Even the user files are hard to access.

@poetgrant @codesections there are situations where I wish I could go to a deeper, non-sandboxed level of iOS, but they are rare.

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