Every time I try to write about something that considers economics, I find that the issues are very simple, yet so complex by their nature. So I begin to write about something simple like and go down so many rabbit holes it makes me feel crazy. So, I need to figure out how to break things down into morsels... how does one do that?


> So I begin to write about something simple like

"I don't think that word means what you think it means" (simple)

@codesections Bahaha... that's true. I have been studying economics and systems of capital allocation for over a decade, so it seems like a topic that I should be able to write a few paragraphs about and be done, but as the first paragraph is finished I realize that I need to keep writing and maybe after about 100,000 words I might have covered just a small introduction to the idea of capitalism as it pertains to social evolution

@poetgrant @codesections Maybe you can break it down by social class? Perhaps by market? Maybe even how they impact small economies and big economies?

@Ertain @codesections I didn't think about breaking it down by class... that's not a bad idea. I think I need to incorporate that somehow, although looking at things via class is not my strongest suit. I have trouble figuring out what strongly defines a class of person. My next article will be defining a particular term. Maybe by defining terms I will be able to link all the articles into a cohesive body of work? 😃

@poetgrant Yes, it's a great idea to first define the terms, so that the reader better understands what you're trying to write.

@Ertain I think that by defining the terms with probably actually form the topic and regulate the "production" of the body of work that I am trying to create. Then again, I could write about capitalism and the economy for my entire life and still not work it all out in a way that people can more easily understand.

To be fair, I only started writing all of this because a friend of mine claimed that capitalism was evil and we got into a discussion about that. :)

@poetgrant Pure capitalism may be evil. But if the bad parts of it are reined in, it can be a sound form of economics.

@Ertain oh just read and find out. I think if people understood the difference between the system we have (semi-facism or semi-socialism) then they wouldn't think there was anything inherently evil about capitalism.

@Ertain sorry, I meant the system we have now and actual capitalism divorced from the state.

@poetgrant Maybe you could take a topic and write about one aspect each week? Like you could release a "Money Mondays" article each Monday, and when you feel yourself going on rabbit trails, you just make each one a topic for a later week.

@blaubachn My last post is evidence that I need to do what you are saying... hehehe

I just reread what I wrote and it says what I intended, but I realize that I touched on like a thousand points and didn't explain them.

I used to be good at writing... but college was a long time ago. :D Now my mind jumps around too much. I think I should set a schedule and pick a topic that has to do with the whole. Perhaps, devote my new blog just to my exploration of the philosophy of nonaggression.

@poetgrant some people call this process compression. Maybe that's helpful?

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