So here's a little experiment. I just posted my first post on my account.

You can follow my new experiment:

Here's a link to the post:

@poetgrant @poetgrant if you’re after a cheap laptop for writing on, why not get a cheap ThinkPad from eBay? Much more scope with a full fat laptop.

@kev @poetgrant oh I should have added at the end that I found a ThinkPad x140e on eBay for 70$

I actually wrote that article a while ago, but was unable to publish it until now. 😃😃

@kev @poetgrant actually, between seeing you and @mike talk about your computers, I knew I would end up with a Lenovo. 😃😃

The used thinkpad I picked up a month ago was the best computer purchase I've made possibly ever.
@kev @poetgrant @mike

@kelbot @kev @poetgrant @mike My x140e ThinkPad has been everything I was looking for! I can see it lasting forever... if I had to do it again though, I would have purchased one that you could easily replace the battery in though. I didn't even think about that until recently when I started wondering what would happen when the battery goes bad in a few years.

@poetgrant @poetgrant Sad day. is exactly what you're looking for. I'm currently running Debian xfce on my pine64 board.

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