Playing with my wife tonight for the first time... let me tell you, after an hour setting up the game I just want to take a nap... then wake up and design my own tabletop game that takes 5 minutes to setup.

@poetgrant Oh that seems so fun though! I hope you end up having fun 😉

@Matter in the end, it was fun, but we decided to leave the game for a while and go to bed. My wife began looking up.more tutorials and found out that after playing for 2 hours we had been playing the whole game wrong... so we are going to continue, even though now our characters are waaay too powerful.

@poetgrant I had the exact same problem. Also, our table was not big enough to accomodate the whole thing.

I would probably enjoy it if I was playing in the basement of a comic book shop with someone who knew the rules by heart directing the game, but at home it's not play, it's work.

@poetgrant I know the pain. it is fun once past the setup phase

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