@poetgrant I've been using kitty up until now. Fast, looks great, easily configured, includes things like multiplexing and clickable URLs, and great integration with system clipboard.

The downside is if I upgrade my GPU drivers it means I can't launch new terminals until I reboot, so I'm looking for something else myself (Alacritty is out for the same reason)

Primary objectives are speed, looks, and preferably clickable/openable URLs because I don't want to bother with copy/paste.

@kungtotte oh interesting. I had never heard of Kitty. I'll check it out, but I think I am looking for what you are currently searching for.

@poetgrant tmux, on the console or in st when running i3 or sway.

@sir @poetgrant I have briefly looked at those, but haven't had time to look at it more than a brief look at the docs. Have it on my todo to look deeper.

@poetgrant URxvt. A terminal emulator shouldn't require a mouse to use it. It's also very reliable, it has never crashed for me.

@poetgrant Yakuake/konsole on a system with plasma. ST on more minimal setups.

@hund @darrel @kungtotte @kelbot

Konsole on KDE Plasma,
Qterminal with LXqt
usually ST or urxvt in others

@jason @kungtotte @kelbot @hund @darrel Question: does 'st' not have a .Desktop file? After install the only way I can figure out how to launch it is by using another terminal...

@poetgrant @jason @kungtotte @hund @darrel
No idea. I've always used it in DWM where you launch it with Alt-Shift-Enter or with dmenu.

@poetgrant @jason @kungtotte @kelbot @hund depends on the packager for your distro, there isn't a .desktop file in the project source code. I know that fedora's packages have the .desktop so could just pull it from their package repo.

@poetgrant @darrel @hund @kelbot @kungtotte

You can simlink a .st.conf to the source config.h and then recompile after.

If I use st or DWM I have them recompile when logging in


Another vote for st. Fast, simple, and easily configurable

@poetgrant alacritty ! Written in #rust - uses GPU and is very fast.


I am enjoying alacritty right now because it is the fastest on my device, kitty is my second choice.

@poetgrant Good ol' xfce4-terminal or cool-retro-term if you don't care about hogging resources.

@sir holy cow... the deps list for alacritty is insane! Good thing cargo is easy...

@sir @poetgrant I just git pulled; cargo build --release and it's still 39M.

I know it shouldn't be the exact same size.

Smaller than Electron based Hyper.
I'll see myself out of here!

@poetgrant mais pb au bureau avec config dual screen. Plantages de i3wm.

@adyxax okay... now I am wanting to try the whole enlightenment shell....

I use a lot of Emacs for some of the file/directory manipulation. Otherwise I use Terminator on my home machine and install Tmux and use it with Vim on places where Emacs isn't available.

@poetgrant My answers always tend to be "elementary's".

In this case I can't live without the command completion notifications.

@poetgrant Alacritty, previously with tmux, but since they added scrollback, less so.

@poetgrant Still a fan of gnome-terminal (from within Xmonad, not a Gnome desktop). Has a scrollback which is great for local sessions where running tmux is overkill, will increase/decrease font size easily from kbd, also engages with copy/paste easily.

So far the Xfce Terminal but I might give URxvt a try

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