Thanks to @Strit forcommenting on my post and for my Mastodon Stalker syndrome for checking out his project! You do amazing work my good sir! I am running on my new shiny .

Also, thank you to @d4klutz for his suggestion to not be afraid of losing in the process. here I come!

@poetgrant @Strit @d4klutz Nice one, guys!
Grant, welcome to Pacman, it's gonna take a while to get used to, but once you do you will never change package managers again ;)

@fatboy @Strit @d4klutz my muscle memory keeps wanting some apt love, but I am slowly forcing myself to relearn how to type something else.

@poetgrant Very nice! Please settle down and then let us know your impressions on your new toy with a loooong blog post. 😉
@Strit @d4klutz

@gianf @Strit @d4klutz Hahaha, I absolutely plan on doing the very thing you ask. 😃😃

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