@blaubachn I will be writing a full review before long. Mayne in about a week if I have everything situated like I want it. 😃😃

@poetgrant Looks like a slick little guy. Hows the performance?

@lee8oi not bad at all actually. I was expecting it to be clunky. So far I only have 2 complaints.

1. It doesn't recognize the touchpad, so you can't adjust the setting for it

2. The 1080p display is... great, but there are no built in option to adjust the aspect ratio, so everything looks tiny...

I am working on the second issue first.

@lee8oi oh, I think it is more than worth the price. So far there are no dealbreakers at all. If I can fix the aspect ratio I will be very happy.

@poetgrant that pinebook looks sweet! a good laptop to give to my lil bros to get them into linux :)

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