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@DistroJunkie asked me a question and I wanted to try out the polling feature.

So, of the Linux peeps, have any of you ever compiled your own kernel?

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So I have been writing my book in #nano then lately I have switched to #Pandoc for export into #EPUB. There is a single issue I have: u00f8 doesn't translate properly with Pandoc. It throws an error and displays odd characters insteadof the one I was going for. Anyone have a remedy for me?

I hate to drag you in, but @klaatu you are one of the few people I know that uses Pandoc. You and @brandon

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Okay, so this is a little off the cuff, but I got my thoughts out on my blog.

Education & Productivity

I didn't proofread it, so forgive any errors in spelling or grammar. This is pure stream of consciousness.

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Prepping for Publication

I wrote a little article about ASCIIDoc and how it has been a net benefit to my writing career. I hope you enjoy. It is a short article, so it shouldn't be a long read. Just a few thoughts.

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To my #Slackware friends out there, how cool would it be to have a set of stickers to adorn your laptops and cars and all manner of things with the Slackware logo and other things like that? Since the Slackware store is gone, you have to make your own. It is pretty cheap on Sticker Mule, but minimum order is 50 stickers for custom stickers.

I was thinking about even if there was a lot of interest, I could order like 500 and sell them for a little profit, then send that profit to Volkerding.

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Alright, I have a little write-up for the Static Site / Static Blog Generator I have been using.

Bash Blog Rocks


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Here's a list of my 3 favorite podcasts for tech-life:


Linux Podcast and general GNU paraphernalia talk. @klaatu is the host with his nice coffee breaks and Slackware as a base.


@lunduke hosts this podcast with his quirky humor and fun projects! I don't know his favorite/current distro. πŸ˜”


@linuxjournal puts this one on. They also have interesting discussion about the whole tech world.


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I'm thinking about using my account for a bit to get a better feel of how it will work for the enduser that is unfamiliar with Mastodon.

Anyone want to follow me? @poetgrant

I am not sure I want to since I have built a home here at Fosstodon. But I am really curious.

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A little sneak peek at the upcoming installer. πŸ‘€



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Toto - Africa (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Rabea & Hannah)

COME SEE FROG LEAP LIVE! TOUR DATES: Apr 17 - Manchester, Rebellion Apr 18 - Birmingham, Asylum Apr 20 - London, Islington Assembly Apr 21 - Cologne, Essigfa...
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I love seeing this. I would like to see Mycroft or projects like it being used for more commercial applications.

"Chatterbox is a DIY Kids Smart Speaker that Features Open-Source and Private Voice Assistant, Mycroft"

So I noticed that if you aren't on the Librem One instance and you follow someone who is, it is a follow request. If you are part of their instance, you can just follow them without permission. That is quite interesting. I kind of like it.

So it's official, I was wrong. More people than not have compiled their own kernel. How cool is that?

Although, with 149 votes, I guess this poll isn't authoritative. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

It's that time of week again. I found a couple of guys that have been missing from the Fediverse for a while!

@lunduke podcaster and YouTuber that has the happiest Linux show in the 'Verse! You can't stop the signal, Mal!

@gbryant YouTuber and all around awesome guy! Talks games and Linux and all sorts of fun stuff!

@purism pretty cool company in my estimation. Stay up to date with new hardware with these guys! Especially the .

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We now have a page to describe the /e/ pro-privacy, open source mobile ecosystem, that already exists! πŸ˜€
What is /e/, what's in /e/, what will be in /e/...
Will be updated regularly with latest features.

Save the link!

#foss #android #privacy

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Speaking of #devops, @codesections is working on a high-performance streaming API server for Mastodon as a drop-in replacement for the Node.js version we currently have, written in Rust, so look forward to that


Slackware My Old Friend

So this is a bonus article going into the weekend. I just wrote it real quick to tell a little story.

Hope you all enjoy!

So I've been tinkering with the CSS on my . It is so much fun. I don't have to touch HTML anymore... how exciting! :D

Check out my current style. I'll be updating it periodically to refine some of the style.

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