Ok, it is time for experimenting, version 1.33.0 was released today with (very) experimental support for podcast:value, streaming SATs as you play your episodes.
Release notes with more information on the feature can be found at github.com/podStation/podStati
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PS: finally something I managed to implement before @martin 😂

@jamescridland in case you write about podcast client apps at podnews, would you consider doing an evaluation of podStation?

@podcastindex @adam @dave I want to ask them about the slack group they mentioned on the end of the cast.

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@podcastindex @adam @dave do you know if Jon and Justin from transistor are also on mastodon?

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Podcasting 2.0 for December 4th 2020 Episode 14: Stats and Facts
Check out all the 2.0 apps and hosting companies: newpodcastapps.com l.curry.com/flV

@adam @hypercatcher @martin it is doable, but not trivial, typically an app will only touch the transcriptions if requested, for that feature to be implemented, an app would need to fetch and index all transcriptions when parsing the feeds or getting new episodes from the index.

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Looking for Podcast App Devs!

I had a chat with some people who are wiling to fund and run a dev team on the Hive blockchain to build an alternative wallet infrastructure for the value block.

This is to give alternatives to run alongside Lightning and to increase decentralisation

Nobody on that side is familiar with podcast apps and we don't expect anyone here to want to be experts on blockchain transactions and wallets.

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podStation v1.27.0 implements support for the podcast:funding tag, making it easier for users to support the podcasts they listen to.

Version 1.26.0 of podStation 🎙️ is released, delivering the beautiful . A contribution by Ashish Patel

I am an aggregator and player disguised as a extension, hopefully also coming as a progressive web app ( ) in the future. Developed and mantained by @dellagustin - try it out and fire your issues and pull requests


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