I started working on a huge refactoring. I'll be introducing webpack for module bundling on podStation.
At the moment it is uncharted territory for me, so let's see where it goes.
This will take some time, and I'll not be implementing more features until this is ready (as porting code between master and this feature branch will soon be too difficult).
I'm hoping this will ease development of new features when it is done.

I'll miss the days of "what you code is what you load on the browser", but hey, nothing lasts forever, right?

So far the refactoring is going well, maybe it will not take as long as expected, but I am still expecting some surprises on the road.

@dave @podstation I have to say, isolated modules with clearly stated dependencies are bringing me some joy and a sense of proper software development, importing all javascript files and sharing global variables, even sparingly, can get messy

@dave @podstation Lesson learned, when moving files around your project, move and modify in different commits to avoid messing up the history (I will not fix that, but I'll do it right the next time)

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