Version 1.44.0 is published. It brings the option to generate a an invoice to recharge your wallet.

@podstation @adam @dave do you have podStation connected to an LND node? If yes, could you please test the generation of the invoice? I tested with a regtest node.
You may need to generate a new macaroon that includes the permission invoices:write
The full set of permissions is:
offchain:read offchain:write info:read invoices:write

@dellagustin @podstation @dave Works like a charm! I like the new payment stats and wallet top-up function. Did you also have 'Boost' in this release?

@adam @podstation @dave boost was on a previous release, it should show when playing value enabled podcasts, but only if boost value is configured.
There should be a default value, but I guess that did not work, otherwise it would show for you.

@dellagustin @podstation @dave Ah! I see it now. The "Boost value (in millisats/hour):" probably made me gloss over it. Should just be millisats I guess. Working perfectly!

@adam You are right, I forgot to adjust the text! I'll fix that in the next release.

@adam @podstation @dave can you double check? I just looked mine here and it says millisats/boost

@adam @podstation @dave Guess what, the genius here did not apply "Don't Repeat Yourself" and copy pasted the text between LNPay config screen and LND config screen, I only adjusted LNPay :blobcatfacepalm:
Ok, now I know what to fix

@dellagustin @adam @podstation Glad it's not just me that makes those types of mistakes. 🙂

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