v1.47.4 is out, some internal technical refactoring (please let me know if you experience any side effect) - also, it fixes a minor issue introduced with v1.47.3 (AngularJS update) - the miniplayer that appears when you scroll down was not showing up anymore.

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First cross app comment. Thanks to @js and his magic minipub library.

I'm getting some 10 to 30 sats per day on my 1% in podStation. Not much but it is a start - resisting the temptation of adding metadata for analytics in the transaction it sends to me.

@brianoflondon Based on that, It should not be a problem, as we only use that type if the receiving node an understand it anyway.

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@brianoflondon Just realized I was looking at the wrong section, that applies to the message type, not to the type of the tlv_record. What applies here is:

When defining custom record type identifiers:
* SHOULD pick random type identifiers to avoid collision with other custom types.
* SHOULD pick odd type identifiers when regular nodes should ignore the additional data.
* SHOULD pick even type identifiers when regular nodes should reject the full tlv stream containing the custom record.

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"A sending node: MUST NOT send evenly-typed TLV records in the extension without prior negotiation."

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@brianoflondon I'm still analyzing your issue. For a fact it does not work, and I think it is related by the fact that in early days customValue was hex encoded (I'm putting a lengthy comment with my analysis in the github issue).
Anyhow, as a side note to that, based on the Lightning Message Format spec on BOLT1, I think you should consider replacing your custom key (818818) by an odd numbered one.

If everything goes well, coming soon to podStation: Item level podcast:value support

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@Castopod cool, @podstation is there too!
Granted, I never designed an actual logo, just used the RSS one from useiconic.com/open/ 😂

To other chrome extension developers - deadlines for Manifest V2 are finally out there:
- January 17, 2022—CWS stops accepting new Manifest V2 extensions
- January 2023—Chrome stops loading Manifest V2 extensions
I guess I know what I'll be doing to keep podStation alive in the near future...

Hey dear users, I silently released version 1.45.0 of podStation.
No new features, just a big underground refactoring to address technical debts and pave the road ahead.
I did a lot of testing, it should not have side effects, but let me know if something weird happens.

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Almost ready with the refactoring that is introducing bundling with webpack to @podstation , with a not surprising amount of surprises. It was a fun ride.

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💙 Holy Podfriend Batman! 💙

I have taken a big decision for the betterment of mankind: Podfriend is now open source with the MIT license.

A big decision, because the code is downright ugly, with a lot of crap that's not used. But if I wait until it's perfect it would never happen.

So clone it, steal ideas from it, love it and above all be excellent to each other 💙

Also feel free to send pull requests, although I will probably be very selective about what I merge :)


So far the refactoring is going well, maybe it will not take as long as expected, but I am still expecting some surprises on the road.

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I'll miss the days of "what you code is what you load on the browser", but hey, nothing lasts forever, right?

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I started working on a huge refactoring. I'll be introducing webpack for module bundling on podStation.
At the moment it is uncharted territory for me, so let's see where it goes.
This will take some time, and I'll not be implementing more features until this is ready (as porting code between master and this feature branch will soon be too difficult).
I'm hoping this will ease development of new features when it is done.

Version 1.44.0 is published. It brings the option to generate a an invoice to recharge your wallet.

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