great release,
finally a usable camera on Nexus5!

*Smart Projectors are stupid!*
After messing countless hours to remote control a "Smart Laser Projector", I figured it out using and an diode.

Its a time consuming mess, since lirc is not very well documented but much better than a projector running Android and wanting you to go online and create a google account (WTF).

However, see my notes if you are messing with the same thing (trick is to manually write down all the codes to a conf file).


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It used to be that "If you aren't paying for something, you are the product" but now you are the product regardless. puri.sm/posts/data-double-dipp

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@macst3r @gnulinux
The nice thing on the Openstore is that noone makes rules or censorship... its open.....
...you are free what you install, if you dont like this concept.... stay in the other censored profit orientated world and complain there...

Why is it so hard to remove fotos from google maps?
Why are all places already in google maps, should't it be like: opt-in ?


if you can't hide it, advertise it ;)

(I think this whole story is fake but true.... you should start thinking about which "free" apps you use...)

@unfa @zrythm
you are right :)
its always freaking me out that everyone is feeding the tech giants with telemetry and no one cares with the argument they have nothing to hide.

its like saying: we dont need freedom of speech because i do not have to say anything.

thanks for the info!
this is a f**king nogo, users must realize now to directly support their coders financialy, otherwhise we loose our freedom very soon... is dead for me.

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only a couple of days since Muse acquisition, #audacity already adds telemetry (Universal #Google Analytics), disguised as "anonymous analytics and crash reports"



in this time you can deploy your own server, setup nextcloud, register a domain, flash a phone with ubports, sync all together with resilio torrent, type all contacts by hand to the new environment and feel free and happy for the next decade.... guess there are still some hours left to drink wine...

@castrillo @FreeBooteR69 @kev
metager does not work for me, it does not even list my website when typing in pocketvj..... but the whoogle results are crazy good

@cyrus @twann @FreeBooteR69 @kev
thanks, i will try out whoogle, looks very promising!
never heard before....

After spending the last 30 hours with the will soon be able to turn on stupid smart projectors via infrared.
why do they put android into any device and why do they call it smart?
it sucks, you loose even basic functionality like turning on/off via rj45.

experimenting with bluetooth audio connectiins too, hope to be there soon....

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