@kubikpixel @briar
lets try:

@hjacobs @briar
tried it on ubuntu, but could not connect/see an android user.... but it looks promising as well as Tox...

@linmob @Ubports

Any idea how to use "wire" messenger on or .... since signal (axolotl) is currently broken, so I am looking for an alternative (Telegram is unsecured, so no).... >messed a bit with Matrix and Fluffy chat, but no one gets push notifications ( I do not care, but Android users do....)

its worth trying to do the shit in blender.... I love its realtime behavior..

As long as there is no usable app on Lomiri (@ubports) or Phosh (@manjarolinux) I we are not able to move our contacts!

Is a client for alternative users on your roadmap ??

I use Brave browser on Linux, disabled the shield... maybe its because I am in Switzerland (which is not EU), will try with firefox...

Thanks for the hint!
Funny that I googled half an hour for "peertube switzerland" and did not get any usable result but had no idea to type a domain like this myself ;-)

@luricaun @beli3ver

Wenn man sich zurück an die "wilden Jahre" erinnert, muss man feststellen das wir auch ohne social media und smartphone eine richtig tolle Zeit hatten... eigentlich wissen wir noch wie das geht.

I am in Switzerland. Creating tutorials for opensource software and publishing my projection mapping and light installations.

und was meinst du so dazu?
Alpha Impfstoff für alle, endlich Mainstream Bleeding Edge, get free Beta testers ....
..hoffentlich gibts dieselbe Nebenwirkung wie damals beim Sars Impfstoff: Narkolepsie ;-)

Wenn alle immer einpennen kann ich endlich in frieden ne Tüte rauchen...


Will you ever support ubports @ubports
and pinephone users
@manjarolinux ????

We are stuck with telegram and matrix

after several times failing to create my own instance on my server....
..which peertube instance should I join to get rid of youtube/vimeo accounts?

This work is amazing and should be red by everyone who can read:


its about our future!

Thanks for the podcast, its very nice to hear that there are "humans" behind the project :-)
Would be nice to hear where you are struggling to bring it up as a daily driver phone os..

Can anyone share me a recording of s talk @ with the title:

"Turning Facial Recognition Against the Police"

I missed it and I'd love to see it since this kind of art is the real contemporary art...

bring a good hardware onto the market and people will start developing stuff. But there are not many knowing how to write drivers and all this lo-level shit...

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