*Smart Projectors are stupid!*
After messing countless hours to remote control a "Smart Laser Projector", I figured it out using and an diode.

Its a time consuming mess, since lirc is not very well documented but much better than a projector running Android and wanting you to go online and create a google account (WTF).

However, see my notes if you are messing with the same thing (trick is to manually write down all the codes to a conf file).


Together with we created a very unique art piece for the -expo.com

Driven by a Exhibition.

Come and see by yourself until 28.03.21 @Barkenhafen in Biel/Bienne

1.5 x 1.5 x 2.9m
Painting on wood in a right angle
16min. video loop

All digital content is created with on

Just finished the new .... of course with a Exhibition inside 🙂
Live Visuals via VNC over Wifi


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