thanks for your great work!

the OSMIN app has a rating of 5, I tried it on my ppp on manjaro dev. and routing is causing the app to crash... just to mention.
All in all an amazing app, does it crash on other phones too? trying to figure out more info to open a bug report....

after compiling v1.8.2 on routing does not crash anymore ;-)

@pocketvj @linmob
Interesting. I wonder, does Osmin have a cycling layer such as CyclOSM? Pure Maps used to have one, and it was removed due to some licensing issue. Routing still finds bicycle paths, but I liked to browse the map to discover new possible routes...

I'm no longer on Manjaro, I'm on pmOS, so I'd have to try to compile it...

BTW, the homepage link on LinMobApps is 404.

@normandc @pocketvj No cycling layer in Osmin. :( Unless you are using postmarketOS with Plasma Mobile, give Mepo (linuxphoneapps.org/apps/noappi) a try, it's really versatile and you can select OpenCycleMap as a Tile Source.

@linmob @pocketvj I'm using Phosh on edge, I had read about it before, but I thought Mepo was mostly keyboard-based. Shell isn't really my thing, more so on a Pinephone! But it looks like touch gestures were added some time ago, I guess it's time I gave it a shot!

@linmob @pocketvj I gave Mepo a shot, but it feels so clunky... Also it has no GPS location, which is a huge shortcoming for me. :-\

I may just continue to use Pure Maps & OSM Scout Server, and simply go to the OpenStreetMap website when I want to check a cycling layered map (I do have a limited data plan).

The Pure Maps dev is waiting for a volunteer to provide a cycling layer style, but so far nobody's stepped up. I've read up on what's required and I don't understand the stuff...

@normandc @linmob
Can you please try osmin on your device!? I wrote a wiki on how to compile:

and let me know if GPS is working for you, my has no GPS support by driver, so I cant test.

and also see this:

@pocketvj @linmob I'll have no choice but to try to compile it then! 😁

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