Going to delete my google account, there is just one last roadblock:

I have some Natron and Blender tutorials on my youtube channel which I'd like to host on , but on which instance?

(failed several times setting up my own peertube instance...)

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🔧„#Reparatur in der #Bildung für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung (BNE)

Auf retibne.de finden Lehrer*innen frei erhältliche Unterrichtsmaterialien zum Thema Reparatur sowie Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung für den Technik- und Informatik#unterricht.“ 👌

#fediLZ #SDG #upcycling #DIY #repair #siebdruck #fahrrad #smartphone #wartung #elektroschrott #obsoleszenz #nachhaltigkeit #OER #ATB #DBU #UniOldenburg
(Foto: retibne.de CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Its time to update your

Exhibition to CP 4.2.1

Yes, we have:

_ Trigger via Bluetooth Beacon
_ Scale/Move Speed in Video
_ Experimental Gender Detection
_ Full DMX and ArtNet Support

Looking for a motivated , its time to give , write me for opensource coding work!

PocketVJ has finally sliders to adjust video speed and opacity..... (it took me several years to figure this out, in the end it was 1 line of code ;)

I can't beleive that people still wasting their time on clunky proprietary softwares....

What happend to you guys? scared of having more time off? scared of having realtime workflows? scared of learning something new after doing the same s*it since years? scared of beeing able to comunicate with developers? scared of donating each month to real humans?

No worries, stay in your frustrating bubble...

with a and working GPS... its great to navigate with on (thanks to the oneplus builds).

Next step is to care about re-charging the device (solar and dynamo).

just flashed @postmarketOS to my slot a on the oneplus6....

now searching for an option to change between and without another computer.... bootloader selection somehow...

After a few months with a as daily driver and getting lost on biketrips and missed calls ;) I am back on on a 2nd hand .. wondering how long it takes until I flash onto it....
Anyone in Switzerland interested in a ?


Connected headphones on are not loud enough.
I am able to boost the volume in terminal with:

pactl set-sink-volume @DEFAULT_SINK@ +40%

But I'd like to set a higher value with the slider in .
can anyone point me where to change this value exactly?

/.config/pipewire/media-session.d/default-routes ??

updated the usermanual on how to delete cookies on @mobian.

See here:

or just delete the cookies with:

```rm -rf ~/.var/app/org.kde.angelfish/data/KDE/angelfish/QtWebEngine/DefaultProfile/Cookies```

finally we have with adblocker on direcly from the software store.

Thanks to everyone involved!

@mobian @linmob

any chance to get a chatty pre-built .deb package with integrated telegram support?

running signal/axolotl or telegram desktop kills the battery extremely fast..... tried to build chatty with all supported plugins myself but building fails all the time on

seems to become my new videoeditor of choice ;)
its very nice and fast!

missing corner pin, warp and colorgrade... but I guess we will get them once in a while...


any hint for an audacity replacement?
Simple stuff like cutting, adjust gain, export to *.ogg.... want to cut a ringtone for my pinephone but can not find any "stupid simple" audio editor....

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