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It used to be that "If you aren't paying for something, you are the product" but now you are the product regardless. puri.sm/posts/data-double-dipp

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Why is it so hard to remove fotos from google maps?
Why are all places already in google maps, should't it be like: opt-in ?

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only a couple of days since Muse acquisition, #audacity already adds telemetry (Universal #Google Analytics), disguised as "anonymous analytics and crash reports"



After spending the last 30 hours with the will soon be able to turn on stupid smart projectors via infrared.
why do they put android into any device and why do they call it smart?
it sucks, you loose even basic functionality like turning on/off via rj45.

experimenting with bluetooth audio connectiins too, hope to be there soon....

New releases:

RTC CP 3.0.3
Exhibition 4.0.5

Its now possible to remote control the mapper without mouse.

There is a new power supply check function.

Before shutting down, there pops up a dialog to ask if you are sure.


I just tested the newest [](forum.manjaro.org/t/manjaro-ar) image with on .

This image is amazing! Nearly everything seems to work out of the box for daily use (I am a with user since years).

For sure there are some tricky parts:

- sms are shown with numbers and not synced with address book names

- no mms support

- agelfish browser has no option to delete cookies (will write a script soon)

- convergence has some issues on phone screen

@linmob @martijnbraam does anyone know how to add a new account to on under ?

When hitting the + sign, nothing is going on. already reinstalled gnome-authenticator but without luck. Could not find any answers in the net so far....

There are endless possibilities in using a PocketVJ Exhibition, one example:


Together with we created a very unique art piece for the -expo.com

Driven by a Exhibition.

Come and see by yourself until 28.03.21 @Barkenhafen in Biel/Bienne

1.5 x 1.5 x 2.9m
Painting on wood in a right angle
16min. video loop

All digital content is created with on

Just finished the new .... of course with a Exhibition inside 🙂
Live Visuals via VNC over Wifi

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for all the people trying to figure out how to make this cool :ubuntu: OS icons on the profile..... see here:

Today I tried once more to use the PinePhone PostmarketOS as a daily driver... beneath making phone calls I use the phone mostly for 2-factor authentification, sadly the Authenticator is not working yet so I had to switch back to my daily Nexus5 with Ubports.
Just saying... keep up your great work, I believe in a Linux phone future, changed my bank yesterday since they wanted to force me to use an Android or iOS app.

A few days left until my will be deleted (currently trying to motivate some good people to show up on ).

Next steps are deleting (they have a great support for Linux phones and funny emojis, but catastrophic privacy terms) and if somehow possible: .

Any thoughts?

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"Personally if you’d hypothetically ask me if you’d give me $100 to donate to any of these messaging platforms. I would fund Matrix. Public money ~ Public code and the most aspiring among the others. I know it’s not the best because of it’s decentralized nature, but I would rather fund them to fix those issues than fund Signal which says - ‘we don’t care’"


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@linmob @Ubports

Any idea how to use "wire" messenger on or .... since signal (axolotl) is currently broken, so I am looking for an alternative (Telegram is unsecured, so no).... >messed a bit with Matrix and Fluffy chat, but no one gets push notifications ( I do not care, but Android users do....)

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