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after an amazing wedding/good bye celebration with family and lovely friends, we started our journey westward with a tearful and a joyful eye.
the positive thoughts, vibes and energy will accompany us. thank you all!
#cycling #aroundtheworld

just got scammed over my lineageos, aurora store... all btc gone


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sorting our stuff, giving things to homeless people, searching for a place where you do not have to pay to place "the morning business"...
currently very strange feelings... wow, quite a crazy start.

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protected credit card wallet.
Its even kind of waterreppelent. made from a piece of my old rain trousers and some sticky aluminum tape. sew it together and voila:

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after a lot of #prototyping and #diy we tested our rigs and gear last night.. a few more modifications are needed, but we are getting there :)

#cycling #bikepacking #outdoor

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Why the f**k is everyone trusting in and ?

Just got a letter from my bank that in future I need to use an app from the to access my savings. I do not have a google account and I will never open one. Money gets worthless if everything is controlled by two foreign tech companies (cancelling my account now!).
will be soon reality. Lets use gatorade or redbull to water our plants....

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currently also minimizing my digital hardware to be ready as a cycling nomad.
do love the #linux community and #pinephonepro

sorry, just figured out that it simply installs with:

sudo pacman -S freecad

but its not usable since I am not able to create a new project, any hints?

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@PINE64 @ManjaroARM @linmob

just figured out in the matrix channel that
is instantaneous

so my dream is starting to die :(

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Is it save to change:


to a value of 500000 ?

So the will also charge when dynamo is delivering only 0.5A. Or will I break something?

@PINE64 @ManjaroARM

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Crazy #capitalist world.
If you do not own a #Google or #Apple telephone (like me), you are not able to do online banking... so I went to the bank branch here in my town, there is knob and a screen, after pushing the knob 3 times and waiting for 10minutes, no one appeared on the screen...
So I am wondering how it comes that 2 big foreign companies silently took over the world.

I am a #freedom lover, #linux enthusiast, I do care about #privacy and it looks like #money just lost its value.

testing gps & trackrecoring as well as dynamo charging.... hmmm...so far disillusioning

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