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Any idea how to use "wire" messenger on or .... since signal (axolotl) is currently broken, so I am looking for an alternative (Telegram is unsecured, so no).... >messed a bit with Matrix and Fluffy chat, but no one gets push notifications ( I do not care, but Android users do....)


Will you ever support ubports @ubports
and pinephone users
@manjarolinux ????

We are stuck with telegram and matrix

after several times failing to create my own instance on my server....
..which peertube instance should I join to get rid of youtube/vimeo accounts?

This work is amazing and should be red by everyone who can read:


its about our future!

Can anyone share me a recording of s talk @ with the title:

"Turning Facial Recognition Against the Police"

I missed it and I'd love to see it since this kind of art is the real contemporary art...

Big thanks for your work so far.
What do you think about adding gmic.eu filters to megapixels?

I did some denoising tests on a Linux machine and the pictures get really great. Could not test on pinehone since gmic there does not contain this filter yet (but that is solvable).

MS NL-Means C Noise 2

ms_nlmeans_c_noise2_p 5,1,0,0,0,0,0,10,2,4,2,7,0,0,0,0

Let me know what you think, I could start creating "beauty" settings for post processing (after the imagemagick commands).

gibt auch menschen die sich nur von nussriegeln, schokolade und vodka ernährt haben... :)

Made a single channel mapping tutorial...
Used a show which was planned for the end of 2020 with great artwork from @oibel1 and sound from @OPIUO

For now, just mapping onto a piece of wood on the kitchen table since all shows are cancelled:


After figuring out how to get rid of vimeo (tried peeertube, ended with AVideo) I am just into leaving twitter to come to mastodon... so last step would be to get rid of the proprietary webshop solution I am still using. Any recommendations? Opensource free or paid (as long its not on a stupid monthly basis...)

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