The latest schematic and layout has been open sourced and released on GitHub. We will release the design files after we start shipping Pocket P.C.

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We have been working nonstop this month and the last to get DVT2 into production and assembled before Chinese New Year.

There were over a hundred changes and refinements made to the schematic, layout and BOM. . .

Soon will be heading for assembly!

Here's a look at the PCBA process from a Popcorn Computer Manufacturing Run -- May 2020.

The SourceParts team has been reviewing the first mechanical samples of the past month. Here's where we were earlier in June. We found a a few manufacturing and assembly tweaks, stay tuned.

We think we're getting close to a
perfect score.

@PublicNuisance Yes the display is a 4.95" 1080p LCD with capacitive touch.


Nope 😢

But, we also manufacture Original Popcorn and Kettlepop which are newly manufactured CHIP and CHIP Pro clones so you can keep your PocketCHIP running like new.

PocketPC includes the same powerful Quad-Core processor found in @PINE64's paired with a 52-key backlit keyboard, so you can or atleast

@mntmn Congrats on the strong start! We always love seeing more Open Hardware. ❤️

MNT Reform (open hardware laptop) campaign is live:

And here's the Launch Announcement:

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported us to make this happen.


We expect to ship all units fall 2020. We're aiming to start shipments in August/September.

@mike Fortunate to report we're now over 80% funded and have been able to complete most parts sourcing (around 90%). We will be in the factory early next week assembling dev kits for the team. We'll be posting more about our first factory builds soon.

"It’s the implementation that makes Popcorn Computer’s Pocket P.C. exciting. It’s a compact device that has a full QWERTY silicone keyboard with an RGB backlight . . ."

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