Rust syntax still looks like shi* but after some time reading the book it's not as bad as the other day
Still using Python for mkliriosimage though, I'm just way more productive with it

Today, I took a deep breath and ... removed the python2 support from Mock code. It is time to move. #fedora

A.I. cannot reasoning its decision. Therefore we should call it Artificial Intuition. From the Wikipedia: Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning.

Just noticed that the first google results are commercials, not even connected to my search. Gotta use Duck Duck Go more. Already replaced Chrome with their browser on Android

BTW can I just say how grateful I am to be living in a country with actual worker protection? It's not everywhere you can just declare being too tired to work and be rewarded with as much paid leave as you need to recover. ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑโค๏ธ

#PinePhone hype!
We finally managed to boot into #ManjaroARM #PlasmaMobile on the PinePhone.

Next we need to actually make it usable.

Saturday is new guitar day!
Photos will come!

Metaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal! \m/

Almost done writing a tool that creates OSTree disk images and live images for @liri
Right now I'm having fun writing some bash code to populate /var in the initramfs (dracut)

TypeScript is very bad: just fixed the code of a collegue that did public foo: 'X' instead of public foo = 'X' so Angular did think there was a type 'X':

TL;DR TypeScript seems nice but there is still the underlying JavaScript code that is garbage.

Collegue: I don't know how to call this parameter
Me: Here's a list of profanities you can use

This is small announcement, but there is a lot of work behind. Basically: We can add any architecture to #Copr now! We start with just few chroots to see how Copr will cope with that. I expect to add more later. #Fedora.

"Note: The Raspberry Pi 4's USB Type-C power port is not compliant with the USB Type-C specification, and it will not be able to be powered by supplies that are compliant."

Oh yeah Raspberry Pi is a great board... sure...

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