Yesterday I went working in the office for the first time since early March. Of the 11 hours of my day, only 2 were productive. I love

Pro tip: instead of removing master/slave from the IT jargon, why don't we all be very loud when we see all kinds of discrimination.

Boss: Do we know "Jungle Python"?
Me: 'the fuck is a jungle python?

Do you really think that renaming the master branch in all your repositories, will magically fix anything?

Please stop guitar related crimes such as building guitars with a pickup ring

I had a conference call with my boss while listening to death metal, turns out that Slack sends all audio sources. That's why he seemed confused.

Woops forgot to post yesterday. Guess what yall. It's been exactly-ish 64 years since married women in the Netherlands officially became legal adults. ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

Before 1956 married women couldn't even buy a fridge without their husbands approval. This was three months before my mom was born. My grandma was the same age as me back then!

Crazy to think how different life would have been for me, a woman, just one or two generations ago.

Any police officer who quits in solidarity with a colleague who put an innocent person in the hospital is a police officer we're better off without.

This is going beyond violence against black people, the US police is clearly out of control

So glad I was born in Italy and not in a violent country such as the USA

Bought a new wireless mechanical keyboard (of course you can use the cable too, it's in the box). Can easily switch from Windows to macOS layout, keycaps included.
Low profile switches are nice. Less noise but still very nice.
I picked the blue switches BTW.

Here's a 10% off coupon:

@datenteiler @aral Package managers and the management of them by the distributions are part of the problem. Old software. By distributions patched software. Developer of the software have no control about it. A Developer must create binaries for a wide range of distributions.

Linus talked about it in the past [1].

Because of that we need solutions like Flatpak or better stable API/ABI over all distributions.

[1]: (Minute 4:45)

Finally submitted my complete application to Github Sponsors. Signed the tax form and prepared all the tiers. Later I will be designing some @liri t-shirts and stickers.
It's time to get some funding since 1.0 alpha1 is near.

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