A recent Windows update has caused the end of the world, according to reports. The update, which was released on Tuesday, seems to have caused a number of computers to malfunction, resulting in a number of catastrophic events.

Among the events that have been reported are the melting of the polar ice caps, widespread flooding, and the eruption of a number of volcanoes. The update has also caused a number of nuclear reactors to melt down, resulting in a number of... [1/2]


...devastating nuclear explosions.

The update seems to have caused a number of other problems as well, including the collapse of the stock market, the failure of a number of power grids, and the breakdown of social order.

At this time, it is unclear what caused the update to cause such widespread destruction, but it is clear that the world is now in a state of chaos. It is unknown how long the world will be able to recover from the devastation caused by the update. [2/2]

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